The next few posts are actually flashbacks!

Hello from the past, this is a bumpy reentry! Yea, this is somewhat like the show LOST. Today's date is August 24, 2014, but I am following up on all the work that has been done since June 17, 2013. THAT IS OVER A YEAR! First of all I want to apologies to everyone, except for the spamers that made comments on my cobweb of a blog. 

I started this project as a rehearsal space as the first phase. The second was to be a high end guitar amplifier reseller. I could skip all the way to where I am now, but what would be the fun in that? I am going to try, in the next two weeks, to get to where I am today. I have a year of ground to cover, explaining the highs and lows of my journey. Let’s begin the next post where I left off. Stay tuned! 


New Rehearsal Space

I am currently working on cleaning out a warehouse I own. This will be the home for my music rehearsal space, amp shop and recording studio. The priority right now is to remodel the store front. This space will be re framed with soundproof walls and a control room for my recording gear. Phase one will be completed by fall 2013. 

This is going to be the main rehersal space. It will eventually become the storefront of the amp shop. Right now it is a shit hole. I have been cleaning it up and should have everthing out of here by weeks end.

This will be the control room. I would get a pretty big pimp slap from NASA, using the word "controll room" with this photo. Trust me, this is going to be good.